Consistent Successful Consulting

When obtaining consulting services, you expect quality and value—our consultants and partners have a proven track record of delivering both. Because no two contact centers are exactly the same, all of our engagements begin with a genuine conversation to ensure that every consulting package is customized to your company’s and contact center’s specific needs.


From innovative concepts to impeccable execution, our clients reap many rewards from our partnership—aside from the measurable improvements on their business.


Our industry experts have a history of providing skillful guidance to some of the most recognized companies in the world.

Knowledge Transfer

We believe in providing you with the tools and information you need for continued success after the engagement ends.

Quick Returns

Our expertise allows us to provide you with solutions that can be quickly implemented across your entire organization.


Our service doesn’t end with the presentation — we believe in remaining close to all of our partner companies, and provide ongoing recommendations and support.

The Right Benefit for You

We offer flexible and unique approaches to buying consulting services:

Retained Consulting

A great way to lock-in value and take full advantage of all the solutions recommended in an initial assessment. Organizational change doesn’t happen overnight, and trying to improve too many processes at once can prove disastrous. Under a retained consulting arrangement, solutions are implemented at your own pace and at the exact timing of your needs — and you’ll have direct access to an expert with a clear understanding of your company’s challenges throughout.

Project Focused

Many times, contact centers already have a clear idea of what they need — help with capacity constraints, technology evaluations, executive coaching, temporary leadership replacement, project management oversight, etc. We develop specific, targeted engagements customized to your company’s requirements and expectations.

General Assessments

Every contact center can benefit from an occasional “check-up.” Our approach is simple — we spend time with leaders from every area of the organization, and really get to know the front line. Using targeted assessment tools, we’re able to quickly identify opportunities to help companies connect better with their agents, identify potential future roadblocks, and improve customer satisfaction.

Start-Up Assistance

Often, contact centers don’t realize when they’ve evolved into a contact center. Companies begin to realize the efficiencies gained by pooling resources in a central location — and then, suddenly, they have a contact center. Our experts can help your company avoid the most common growing pains, and provide solutions to build a solid foundation for the future.

Our Focus

We focus on the things that impact your customers’ experience:

  • Workforce Management Optimization
  • Contact Center Needs Assessment
  • Executive Coaching for New Leaders
  • Long-Term Customer Service Strategy
  • Quality Monitoring Programs and Solutions
  • IVR Solutions and Improvements
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Service Level Solutions
  • Temporary Executive Placements
  • Technology Assessments ACD, PBX, IVR, WFM, QM
  • Web-Based Customer Service
  • Outsource Partner Selections